Support Breast Cancer Research Year-Round. Make a Difference While You Play Tennis.

Updated: November 5, 2009

Don’t let the end of October and Breast Cancer Awareness month stop you from supporting breast cancer research on an ongoing basis.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) there have been 192,370 new cases of breast cancer and 40,170 deaths from breast cancer in 2009 so far.

The ACS states that “The chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time during her life is a little less than 1 in 8. The chance of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 35.”

The good news is that breast cancer rates are going down and women are surviving the diagnosis because of earlier detection and better treatment.

Tennis players, you can help keep this downward trend going by keeping funding coming in. You can do it two ways on court:

Wear your support while you play.

Livestrong tee, $25

Livestrong tee, $25

Livestrong. Suit up your team in Lance Armstrong Foundation gear. The USTA Down the Line Divas from Milford, CT do.

They wear the signature yellow line. Said team captain Liz Coughlin-Pouyat, to the local paper, “We play in honor of [our players and family members] and the struggles they’ve endured as well as people suffering with this disease,” she said.

“We do it DIVA style. We never give up and fight to the end.” The Down the Line Divas team went to nationals this fall. Find the gear at Livestrong. The merchandise is quality performance apparel made by Nike. I’ve tried much of it and love it. Be warned, the tops are very close fitting.

Lace Up for a Cure. Now in their 20th year of supporting Susan G. Komen for a Cure, New Balance has a line of active apparel that is great for tennis. The “Lace Up for a Cure Collection” is available year-round and features twenty-five different pieces including jackets, tops, pants, sports bras, shorts and more.

Pink is a theme color but it’s sophisticated. New additions this year include the Ventilator Crop with adjustable bra and Sporty Tank, a fun floral sports top.

New Balance Motion Jacket , $50 goes with the New Balance Motion Pant, $40

New Balance Motion Jacket , $50 goes with the New Balance Motion Pant, $40

You can round out your wardrobe with socks, hats, visors and workout bags. All are tastefully and subtly adorned with the signature Komen for the Cure ribbon and all benefit cancer research. I was able to check out some of the collection and can attest to its quality. The motion jacket and pant (light protection) are well cut and flattering – no zips in the pant legs but this is all quality performance apparel.

Shop the New Balance collection at There is no tennis footwear in this group yet. Maybe next year?

For additional items, cruise the shopkomen site or visit my recent post at for other ideas.

Look for products and sites that clearly state their support of a charitable organization. There are unfortunately many websites selling pink ribbon products that do nothing but benefit the seller.

Play to support.

Organizing or playing in a local tennis tournament to benefit breast cancer research is a feel-good and effective way to raise money. If you are considering organizing something be sure to do your homework when considering a breast cancer charity to donate proceeds to. A U.S. registered charity must register an IRS form 990 annually. You can easily find these online and they can be eye opening.

It’s hard to believe that we can make a difference while playing our favorite game but we truly can. If every female player out there bought just one item, that’s a significant donation towards beating breast cancer, if not in our lifetime, our children’s.

Looking for an even easier way to donate? Text FIGHT to 2022. Respond YES when asked to confirm your $5 tax-deductible donation. More info here.

Karin Burgess is editor of a site devoted to what’s new in tennis, tennis fashion, gear, essentials and more.


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  1. Cindy Austin

    November 6, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    I’m a breast cancer survivor and thriver. Just found this DVD “The Path of Wellness & Healing” at a conference and it’s the best resource i have EVER seen for anyone with breast cancer or their families. My husband was given SO MANY BOOKS and who has the time to read when you’re dealing with something like this? This DVD is a one-stop shop that walks you through the entire bc experience with celeb survivors like SHERYL CROW & CHRISTINA APPLEGATE, plus activists like GABRIELLE UNION, and the world’s greatest doctors like Deepak Chopra and Dean Ornish. So educational and inspiring.