Cara Black, Liezel Huber Break Up Doubles Partnership

Updated: April 25, 2010

Rumors had speculated that a break-up might be coming after Huber played doubles with Nadia Petrova last week in Charleston at the Family Circle Cup.

“On a personal note, my regular doubles partner, Cara Black and I are taking a mutual break from being exclusive doubles partners,” Huber wrote.

Cara Black and Liezel Huber“Both Cara and I are entered in Stuttgart with different partners but we continue to strive to do what we love most and that is to compete on the tennis court. I just wanted to thank everybody for their support. It was not any easy decision but we announced it today. We both want to be better players and right now it is best for us to just take a little break. We might get back together and we might not.”

Black and Huber have not ruled out playing again together in the future.

“Do not be surprised to see us playing with each other or with someone else in the next couple of months,” Huber said. “It was not an easy decision. We have had a great partnership and we are appreciative of all the fan support.”

At press time, Black’s plans for the future were not known, but Huber plans to compete with Jelena Jankovic in Stuttgart and in Rome with Nadia Petrova.


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4 Legacy Comments

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  2. Lisa

    April 26, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Cara Black was tired of Liezel’s wining and excuses about how much bigger and stronger the Williamses are and that’s why they beat them every time… She’s such a poor sport, and should really stop making snide comments about other athletes. Playing 1/2 of the court on 1 day is not equal to playing 2 singles matches in 2 days back-to-back if you have an injured leg or knee that’s not 100%. Loyalty has nothing to do with it. Just ask Kim Cljsters and Justine Henin, who are both now hurt from Fed Cup play.

  3. Sapphisto

    April 27, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    Would love to see Black & Stubbs playing again – I was always miffed on behalf of both Rennae and Cara when Huber came back and more or less demanded her old partner back.

    (But I guess Raymond/Stubbs are still having fun, so it’s not to be.)

    I’ve always thought Cara Black was a phenomenal doubles player, so I hope she finds herself a good, steady partner for as long as she wants to stay in the game. May it be for years yet! I love to watch her working her “Black magic” at the net.

    Liezel Huber has always bothered me, somehow. The much-vaunted “patriotic” fervor is just the latest incarnation of that, though perhaps the most disturbing. Where was this patriotism before she turned her back on South Africa in favor of a more successful (and better funded) tennis nation? When she referred to the land of her birth as a third-world country, I though it was disgraceful (and quite possibly a slap in the face, however unintended, to her partner – a loyal Zimbabwean). She really needs to grow up; the less the microphones point in her direction, the better.

  4. 10ISFAN

    April 27, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Aaress and fellow OTBL Postee’s,

    I usually post as Lisa…but I see someone else (1st post above) is using that name so I am now posting as 10ISFAN:>)

    I like Liezel. I think she is Genuine…I wish her all the best. I will be rooting for her to win against everyone but Venus, Serena and maybe Vania depending on who her partner is. Liezel choose US:> and as an American I respect that.