Catching Up With Sabine Lisicki

Updated: December 6, 2011

Sabine Lisicki has had a great 2011. In April, Lisicki was ranked No. 218 on the WTA tour. Just seven months later, she is ranked at No. 15. Two titles, one in Birmingham and one in Dallas, as well as a finals spot at Wimbledon are the main reasons. The German is on fire and not just on court.

Lisicki’s warm smile and effervescent personality earned her top honors in this summer’s  Xperia Hot Shots Competition. Tennis media have also just voted Lisicki the WTA Comeback Player of 2011. No question Lisicki has proven that she has what it takes. She wasted no time coming back from a career stalling injury in 2010.

I had a chance to ask Lisicki about her year and upcoming  plans.

Fun win in the Hot Shots competition! Was that a good experience or did you find it difficult to juggle alongside your work as a top touring player?

SL: I thought it was a great experience. In the beginning I didn’t know how I would be able to handle both, but I very soon figured out that it’s good and important to being able to relax and do fun things off the court! I had tons of fun and meeting David Guetta was the best memory for me :)

How has social media changed your role as a player? Do you find it encouraging or too prying?    

SL: I think it’s a great way to communicate with fans and it brings them closer to what I do. I always try to post fun stuff or sometimes simply how life as a pro is on my Facebook page and Twitter.

[Sabine has 71,000+ fans on Facebook and 26,000 on Twitter]

Do you have an apparel style that you like to wear on court? 

SL: I love to wear dresses. I think every girl does :) I’m a happy girl so I really like bright colours.  Especially yellow :) [Sabine picked up a new contract with Nike after Wimbledon]

What are your goals for 2012? Are you planning to make any changes to your diet, training regime or game?     

SL: My goal is to get better each day and this way to slowly work myself towards the top 10. I had a very big change in my diet when they found out that I’m intolerant to gluten this year. I’m glad the doctors found out! Mainly I want to keep enjoying myself on the court like I did this year. It worked for me so why change something? :)

“It has been a fantastic season for me…” gushed Lisicki in her November 6 blog post. “I hope you guys keep supporting me in 2012 and throughout my career. I hope we can have a lot more great moments together :)”


We agree and we will. Good luck in 2012 Sabine!

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By Karin Burgess, editor


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